Another Sky Reflect On Plant Murder & Winter Solstice In “Was I Unkind?”

Yes, plant murder is a thing

Photo: Ella Brolly

Keeping your plant alive is harder than it sounds – they tend to wilt and desiccate easily, just like our bank accounts. That’s why Another Sky made a song titled “Was I Unkind?” where they speak to our inner guilt when we find our little green of joy dead. It’s a broody intimate song that uses imageries of winter solstice to capture the ongoing cycle of death and rebirth we experience. So as we witness the death of 2020 and our ferns, play “Was I Unkind?” below:

“We wanted to release a song to celebrate Winter Solstice, a significant time of year in many cultures,” shared vocalist and lyricist Catrin Vincent. “‘Was I Unkind?’ was written about the time I accidentally killed my favourite plant. The plant became symbolic of how I treated myself. I realised I was as trapped in the world as the plant was, at the mercy of myself. Winter Solstice is a time of death and rebirth.”

The track is from the quartet’s upcoming EP Music For Winter Vol. 1, which will be out on January 1st via Missing Piece Records / Fiction.