Laurel Laxxes’ “Where You Are” Ft. Steph Cruz Is A Wistful Hymn Of Longing

Breezy electropop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Aussie artist Laurel Laxxes captures the longing for someone far away that many of us have experienced this year in his latest single “Where You Are” ft. Steph Cruz. It’s a wistful and breezy anthem where there is equal amount of hope and melancholia that yield a buoyantly dreamy soundscape. Partly nostalgic and partly starry-eyed, “Where You Are” is a trip to the past and future where you shuffle through old memories of someone and at the same time imagine the time you’ll meet that individual again:

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, he shared: “I was so inspired by the ancient forests filled with bubbling brooks that I would walk through every day, that I wanted to share these experiences with people I loved. Unfortunately, they were heaaapps far away so I chose to channel that bittersweet energy into a track. I know everybody has longed for people or a certain person at one point or another, feeling both a sadness due to the distance but also a happiness because you love and yearn for that person.”