Another Sky’s ‘Music For Winter Vol. I’ Will Help You Get Through The Rest Of SAD

And by SAD, we mean ‘seasonal affective disorder’

Photo: Ella Brolly

With the advent of 2021, Another Sky have released their new EP Music For Winter Vol. I. Even if we’re in a new year, we’re still dealing with a pandemic and winter blues. The best remedy is a record that speaks to our inner emo through songs that illustrate the inner turmoil we’ve been experiencing from all the chaos that we’ve faced. “Winter is the perfect time for sombre music,” shared Catrin Vincent, vocalist and lyricist of Another Sky. “some songs are old, some are new, all are entirely collaborative. After being kept apart because of the lockdown and writing a bunch of our second album separately, we just wanted to get back into our studio and record.” Hit play:

Another Sky is currently working on their sophomore full-length, which they’ll be sharing this year. Also, be on the lookout for Music For Winter Vol. II in winter 2021.