Posh Drops New Punchy Anthem “This Year”


Photo: PR courtesy

London artist Posh kicks off 2021 in a punchy and gritty note with his latest single “This Year.” It’s a playful hip-hop anthem where Posh’s choruses dribble incessantly over the slick grimey production, channeling the dartist’s sonic swagger. As we settle into this new year and whatever surrounding chaos, Posh delivers a punchy melody to kickstart our new resolutions:

As the song of a Russian immigrant and working-class mom from Essex, Posh has been exposed to a wide range of culture and music since he was a kid. He spent his early years in various bands singing and playing the guitar, eventually leading to his own solo venture. “I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder,” he sshared, “I  looked a certain way, sounded a certain way, and I was surrounded by certain people, but  I didn’t have all the advantages those people had.” For Posh, music has served as a creative outlet to build his own identity and find understanding in a world that seemed alien to him at times – which many of his audience can relate even more now than ever.