The Slow Cooked Bears’ “The Grand Scheme” Is Visceral Noise Rock

Meet the London trio

Photo: PR courtesy

Blending grunge, dream pop, and industrial rock, The Slow Cooked Bears are a London trio who are redefining the sound of noise rock. Their latest single “The Grand Scheme” is a bold and unapologetic smasher that is gut-wrenching, mind-levitating, and introspective as they use devil metaphors to mindfuck us in a glorious fashion. The video, like its lyrics, is a gritty visual statement where we get to see the trio spreading their message across London:

Comprised of James Gilbert (vocals, guitar), Hyunsu Lee (bass), and Joshua Hack (drums), The Slow Cooked Bears have gone through many ups and downs this past year. Following a battle with cancer and a global pandemic, the trio has been using the lockdown period to hone their craft. They released “The Grand Scheme” back in December 11th, garnering more buzz around their grungy dreamy sound. The band is currently getting ready to release more music this year, so stay tuned.