Darity Delivers A Message Of Hope In “Everything”


Photo: Artist courtesy

Cincinnati artist Darity offers a message of hope and perseverance in her latest single “Everything.” It’s an intimate and deliberate pop piece where Darity’s croons bloom over the smoky production, keeping your head between the lines of reality and imagination. Lyrically, Darity dissects the lows we face in life, especially as a creative individual, while giving a self-pep talk to keep moving on:

“‘Everything’ was inspired by conversations I had with another musician on tour in 2017 about the challenges and disappointments of being an artist. I wrote the chorus first and used stream of consciousness for the verses. It wasn’t until a year later that I began singing this unfinished song live. A few years after, I decided to finalize lyrics and break ground on production with my friend Alex Hirlinger.

The chorus- ‘You have everything you need, you’ll see. You are a movement; It’s your heart beating.’ is a reminder to myself that the space I take up in the world is important. Who I am, what I’m passionate about, and the work I do has value, regardless of the external circumstances, opinions, and misunderstandings. My ‘artistic intent’ is to express some human struggles, and encourage others to keep moving and stay hopeful, even when we can’t see a reason to in real-time.”

Linsley Hartenstein is the mastermind behind Darity whose moniker derives from the word “solidarity.” Known for her knack to songsmith eccentric melodies, Darity’s works have been making waves across the local scene in recent years