Astralseid’s ‘Shamanic Love’ Is A Deep Meditative Trip

Time to be mindful

Photo: PR courtesy

If you were thinking about subscribing to those meditation apps, stop and listen to Astralseid’s latest record Shamanic Love. Comprised of Gustav Holberg and Rúnahild, Astralseid started as a collab project in late 2018. They draw influences from nature and tend to songsmith at a remote cabin in a mountain farm in Western Norway – no joke. In their latest record, the Nordic duo invites us into a 4-track journey into the deepest corners of our consciousness in their latest record. There are no lyrics, only vocal hums and low-pitched aaahs that helps your mind stay grounded.

The opener “Shadow Love” starts off in a suspenseful motion that quickly builds into a cathartic melody filled with deep-cutting choruses. The follow up “Skydance,” has a futuristic vibe to it where the lasering beats paired with the background knocks keep your adrenalines on the edge. Around 40 seconds,  the track takes you into another dimension and transports you into a ritualistic waltz. “Skydance” stands out for Astralseid’s ability to integrate modern electronic elements with traditional sounds. “Liberty” feels like the soundtrack of a dystopic film with its slow-burning introduction that eventually transitions into a fist-pumping soundscape around 1:39. The tracks feels like a bursting celebration of freedom and we wouldn’t be surprised to find this playing at a Joshua Tree retreat.

The final piece “Awakening” is the most visceral song where the multi-layered choruses channel a sense of raw intensity. It’s the perfect conclusion to the record as it leaves us enveloped with the primal cries of humanity in the most cinematic flair. With Shamanic Love, Astralseid reminds us to be mindful and connect with ourselves and others during this weird new normal.