Aysen Okabe Wrestles With Mental Chaos In “Change”


Photo: Artist courtesy

Toronto-based artist Aysen Okabe tackles the shaky state our mental health can fall into in his new single “Change.” Although the lyrical theme is of a hefty and sensitive ilk, “Change” has a bouncy tune to it that derives from a hybrid of electropop and synthrock. The cascading beats are split by brief interludes of calmness, resonating the unexpected and disruptive nature of our own thoughts. Check it out:

Speaking of the track, Okabe explained: “‘Change’ is about growing up and looking back through the chapters of your life with feelings of anxiety and a sense of mental stability. It’s about the frustration living with mental instability and not really understanding where it comes from or how to overcome it, but at the end of the day knowing that you will not lay down and let it defeat you.”

Okabe is the former member of Pigeon Park, a rock band that has supported other acts such as The Offspring, Sam Roberts Band, and The Tea Party. After playing for a decade in dive bars, arenas, and venues, the band parted ways and left Okabe in a form of ‘self-imposed exile’ looking for his next venture. He moved to Melbourne, Australia and began crafting his own sound by drawing influences from blues, jazz, alternative pop, and rock. With his new solo project, Okabe is ready to unleash a new side of his creativity.