Carpool Tunnel’s “Flora” If For Anyone Suffering From Optimism Deficiency

Surf rock with 70s twist

Photo: Michael Hanano

Even though 2021 is a brand new year, there are a ton of shit going on that is eating our souls daily – pandemic, political hot mess, and whatever’s trending on Twitter. But despite all these, Bay Area band Carpool Tunnel reminds us to stay positive for the sake of our own mental (and physical) survival in their new single “Flora.” It’s surf rock bleached with the retro colors of 70s rock that drizzles sanguine vibrations over your head. Check out the video below:

“The soil of 2020 was dense, and some of us still feel like we’re underground. However, sometimes we need the darkness to reach the light,” shared the band. “‘Flora’ is here to remind you that no matter how grim life may seem, there will always be sparks of light, love, and hope as long as we are open to them…then it is up to us to decide how large that spark grows.”

Carpool Tunnel formed like any modern love story – a swipe. They formed when drummer Daniel Stauffer encountered an ad on Vampr (like Tinder for artists who want to make music together) and joined guitarist Bradley Kearsley and singer/guitarist Ben Koppenjan. Soon bassist Spencer Layne joined them and they started gracing the music scene across California with their $400 Craigslist van. “Flora” is from the quartet’s upcoming debut album Bloom, which will be out on February 26th via Pure Noise Records.