Eric Anders & Mark O’Bitz Reflect On Political & Literal Diseases In “Careful Now My Son”

Indie Americana

Artwork: PR courtesy

NorCal artist Eric Anders teams up with SoCal artist Mark O’Bitz to capture the political and biological diseases that we’re facing in the era of pandemic in “Careful Now My Son.” Taken from their 14-song collection Music in the Time of Coronavirus, “Careful Now My Son” is the only Americana track in the collection and one that highlights their ability to integrate indie rock edginess into the genre. With its striking chords and raw vibes, “Careful Now My Son” taps into the effects of Trumpism and Covid-19 that have permeated our lives lately. It’s both a warning and reflection as the gliding guitar strings and foot-stomping beats yield an intimate air of introspection. There is a restlessness in Anders’ voice as he channels both the frustration and hope we’ve been juggling with this past year – and still do. With “Careful Now My Son,” the duo offers a nudge – one final push we need – to get through these chaotic times and avoid getting infected by any political or biological diseases:

Speaking of the track, the duo shared: “The song is about both the pandemic and the authoritarian and cultish politics of Trumpism. We were deeply afraid of both infectious diseases during 2020 and as 2021 gets going.  With regard to Trumpism, ‘Careful Now My Son can be understood as an Americana companion song to our song, ‘Wounded Son’ on our 2019 album, Ghosts To Ancestors.”

Anders and O’Bitz will be releasing their 8-track LP Sirens Go By early this year. The LP will be followed by their 5-track EP Stuck Inside. Make sure to keep the duo under the radar for their upcoming projects.