Sun June Share New Wistful Single In “Everything I Had”

For all of us who feel stuck

Photo: Santiago Dietche

Austin band Sun June capture the wistfulness that sets in when we imagine living in a different place in new single “Everything I Had.” It’s a contemplative piece that taps into the burdening feeling of being stuck in a place, situation, or state while the world around you is moving on. Starting off with its minimalistic chords, “Everything I Had” smoothly molds into a dreamy melody where the silky vocals of Laura Colwell wraps us with a form of therapeutic sadness that speaks to our restless souls:

“‘Everything I Had’ is about feeling stuck and wishing you could go back in time. It misses when things were new and easy and full of promise,” said Colwell. “It feels very ‘Austin’ to us, because things change here so quickly and it’s easy to fall into a rut and feel like the city is moving on without you. Friends are always leaving town too, so sometimes it’s fun to think moving to LA or New York would solve all our problems. It’s also fair to say that the song has taken on some new meaning during the pandemic. We’re all missing someone or something right now.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming record Somewhere, which will be out on February 5th via Run For Cover and Keeled Scales.