Lokoy & Nils Bech Address The Toxicity Of Comparing In New Single “relay”

Dance away the toxicity

Photo: Xin Li

Norwegian artist Lokoy teams up with Nils Bech in new single “relay,” where they address the negative effects of comparing yourself to others. With its chic, dance-inducing melody, the duo takes you on an emotional dance with your own insecurities as they break down the ways our own self perceptions often don’t meet our expectations in real life. You might think growing a mustache will look amazing but when you actually do…you get the point:

“The lyrics place me in the centre of a huge stadium surrounded by spectators. It’s just before I’m going to run a relay race and I’m regretting signing up for it. I wanted that imagery to mirror the insecurity I sometimes feel for my own appearance and the constant comparison/competition I have towards myself and others around me. I have a specific idea on how I’d like to be seen, but often that idea falls through with the reality. The line ‘I’m always running from the replay’ – for example, refers to how uncomfortable it is to hear one’s own voice, or watch oneself on film. This often breaks with my own image of how I’m sounding and acting. I believe this feeling is quite common, and something many people experience. I want to appear as good as the others in the room, and when I can’t, it feels like a loss. “I went the wrong way, you went the runway” shows this constant comparison and the feeling that you are never quite good enough compared to others.”

“relay” is from Lokoy’s upcoming record badminton, which will be out on January 22nd via Propeller Recordings.