Kid Kapichi Drop New Troublemaker Anthem “What Would Your Mother Say”

Rock masterpiece

Photo: Alice Denny + Kamila Cwiklinska

Hastings rockers Kid Kapichi draws us into a narrative of wrong choices, young naivete, and consequences in new single “What Would Your Mother Say.” Booming with cathartic choruses and finger-cutting chords, the track conveys a blissful aggression that is equivalent to the feeling of smashing a car with a baseball bat – you feel like a god doing it, but you eventually meet your impending doom (aka insurance bills). “‘What Would Your Mother Say’ is a tale about the bad decisions made by a small town trouble maker. You’re invincible until you’re not,” explained co-vocalist and guitarist Ben Beetham. Smash that play button:

The track is from their upcoming debut album THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, which will be out on February 5th. In regards to its title, co-vocalist and guitarist Jack Wilson explained:

“The album title has two meanings. You hear that phrase a lot, ‘This time next year’ you’ll be doing this and playing here. Sometimes you find it hard to see what you have achieved and how far you’ve come because you’re always looking ahead to that next thing. It can be a toxic way to view life, and one that is quite often the norm. On the other hand, it’s also relevant to what’s going on right now. Everyone’s lives are on pause. We’re all waiting and hoping for this time next year”