Lisa Keane Muses On Escapism In “Run”

Indie pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Dublin-based artist Lisa Keane gives us a warm, intimate track titled “Run” where she muses on escapism and romance. It’s a lush soundscape built on chest-swelling strings that waltz with Keane’s smoky croons, creating a wistful and daydreaming soundscape. Lyrically, Keane contemplates on running away to keep a new relationship safe, giving us an indulgent sense of escapism:

On her latest release, Keane shared: “‘Run’ is about trying everything (even running away) to keep a new relationship safe from anything that might cause harm to it. I wrote it about two years ago and I’ve worked on it on and off since then. I really wanted the sounds in the chorus to give the sense of escaping or running away. The production was inspired by artists such as Maggie Rogers and HAIM.”