maphe Shares Her Own Lockdown Mental Health Journey In “insecure”

Pronounced mayf

Photo: Artist courtesy

As we experience more lockdowns and craziness in general, it’s important to keep your mental health in check. London-based artist maphe shares her own journey of mental health in her new single “insecure” where she addresses how lockdown has amplified some of our deepest negative feelings. With her silvery croons, maphe crafts a lush melody that brushes and stomps over your ears at the same time. It’s glassy and candid track that leaves us with a therapeutic message of perseverance that we could use to survive the present madness:

Speaking of the track, maphe shared:

“I wrote ‘insecure’ in the thick of the first lockdown of 2020. I’ve always been a very self-critical person, but during this period of isolation I had so much time on my own to think that my feelings of inadequacy reached record levels. It was a very quick writing process for me, I wrote and recorded it spur of the moment in a 20-minute rush after being inspired by an instrumental sent to me by my producer. The vocals from that take ended up making the final cut as they felt so raw to me. The song is about my inability to trust myself, with regards to my taste and choices and brain, so I pushed myself to trust the first and only take of the demo vocals and just allow this track to be a product of exactly how I was feeling when it was created. To me this is a sad song – but it’s a hopeful song too.”