Michael Aldag Spreads Unapologetic Self-Love In “Arrogance”


Photo: PR courtesy

Liverpool artist Michael Aldag is on a mission to encourage practicing self-love without having to feel guilty in new single “Arrogance.” While such word connotes negative thoughts in our head, Aldag’s playful choruses somersault from that negative space to a celebratory one where he uses an infusion of bursting rhythms and witty charm to keep us cavorting. Now blast this as you meditate on how you wish you had a baller friend like you:

On the song, Aldag reflected: “I wanted to make a song that people can blast when they’re loving themselves and not have to apologise for it. It’s not subtle or nuanced, it’s literally me being painfully cocky for 3 minutes. Everyone can feel like God’s gift to earth sometimes, ‘ARROGANCE’ is for those times.”

The track is from his upcoming project, which he’ll be saring more details soon.