Penthouse Get Rated R In New Single “S.E.X”


Photo: PR courtesy

Kent quartet Penthouse deliver an edgy, risqué piece titled “S.E.X” where they portray the rollercoaster nature of being intimate…well, banging someone is more of an accurate description. From novel highs to empty lows, “S.E.X” is a carnal anthem that brings the zest of 90s Britpop and 00s punk together in one gritty place. It’s rated R and has the dirty rock’n’roll glamour to it that makes you wanna jump or destroy something. Don’t play this around kids 17 years old or younger:

Speaking of their latest release, Penthouse’s Ben Schulze shared: “It’s a chunky power-pop banger that has been stuck in my head since I came up with it. It’s sexy and you can dance to it whilst simultaneously banging your head like you’re at a Judas Priest show.”

Penthouse will be sharing more of what they’ve been songsmithing during this past bizarre year.