Anni Pohto Shares Her Recipe For Positivity In “DEEP”

The key is darkness

Photo: PR courtesy

Helsinki-based poptress Anni Pohto beckons us into a mystic journey between the dark and the light in her new single “DEEP.” The track takes off in a smooth slo-mo where the piano keys drip in a gentle, rain-like fashion. As we dive into the track, the slow-burning beats start mounting to a hypnotic intensity as Pohto’s siren-like vocals transcend over the swelling melody. “I lose control / heart bursting out my chest / can’t tell anyone / how it triggers my own hell” she chants. Through her lyrics, Pohto gets candid about her own inferno while also trying to pull herself out of it. With “DEEP” Pohto embodies her darkest insecurities but at the same time her strongest assets – the ability to see the light. The visuals, directed by Benjamin Mercer, showcases Pohto shifting between the light and dark in a mystical fashion. When it comes to light, Pohto is floating whereas when it comes to dark, she is drowning. But whether she is dressed in white or black, Pohto embraces both sides of her reminding us that she is the same person no matter what:

On her new single, Pohto shared: “It tells a story about facing our inner darkness, and why that is crucial in order to find joy. Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world three times in a row. But against expectations it’s not because Finns are overtly positive, but quite the opposite.”

Anni Pohto grew up in Finland before moving to the East Coast where she attended Berklee College of Music. She’s been labeled as the “female Jack Garratt” and “Nordic Alicia Keys” for her knack of crafting pop music with Nordic trimmings. Her EP Redemption Street made waves across the scene and placed her under the spotlight. Pohto is currently working on her upcoming album The Rising, which will be out late summer of this year.