Join Ooberfuse’s Funky Dance Party In “Set Me Free”

Funkin amazing

Video still from Ooberfuse – Set Me Free – Tears Can Only Sting EP

Comprised of instrumentalist Hal St John and vocalist Cherrie Anderson, Ooberfuse is a London-based duo who have a knack and talent for crafting eccentric, chic music that falls between wild dance and existential spin. In their latest video “Set Me Free,” they explore the freeing feeling of breaking away from repression and oppression. In Cherrie’s own words, the song is about “having the courage to be the person you are called to be in the context of violent forces demanding conformity, requires an almost supernatural strength. If we open our hearts to those who are fighting for their freedom, we combine our strength with theirs to transform cycles of violation.” Time to dance:

The track is from their latest EP Tears Can Only Sting, which has already surpassed 100k streams on Spotify. Check it out: