Telquist Keeps It Magically Groovy In “Mojo”

Dazzling pop

Photo: PR courtesy

German artist Telquist spread his infectious magic of boosting our moods and circulation with his latest single “Mojo.” With its quirky twists and eccentric melodic backbone, Telquist sends us a waltzy wave of coolness that keep our serotonins spinning. Using playful wordplay, Telquist taps into all kinds of self-related emotions – expression, doubt, dissociation, etc. The video, directed by Bernhard Schinn, features Telquist with his bandmates posing like badass gangsters in front of a Fialta Multipla – the car that has topped the ugliest category around the world multiple times. Zero fucks given:

Due to the pandemic Telquist ended up postponing his album and tour, but as we approach the light at the end of the tunnel, you can expect to hear more from him.