Drones Take Us Into The Downfall Of A Relationship In “Learn”

And our desperate attempt to hold onto it

Photo: PR courtesy

UK band Drones return with new rock single “Learn,” a visceral and heavy-hearted anthem where they use a cannonade of smashing riffs and therapeutic aggression to illustrate the downfall of a relationship. With thundering choruses and unstoppable grit, Drones tap into our stubbornness to hold onto a doomed romance even though we know where it will end – history always repeats itself:

“‘Learn’ is about the desperate struggle to make a failing relationship work,” shared vocalist Lois McDougall. “You can feel that it’s not right but you still care about the other person. We seem to make the same mistakes over and over by assuming we know what the other person is thinking, so communication stops. We keep trying to force a relationship to work with someone that we’re just not meant to be with. If it’s more of a struggle than not… it’s not worth it. You should never diminish any part of yourself for someone else because, ultimately, you’ll end up resenting them.”

The track is from their upcoming album Our Hell Is Right Here, which will be out on February 12th via Thousand Islands Records and LockJaw Records.