Mush Sleepwalk Into The Apocalypse In “Seven Trumpets”


Photo: James Brown

If you feel like you’re hopelessly sleepwalking into the end of the world, then join the club. UK trio Mush has shared their latest single “Seven Trumpets” where they capture the impending doom of being dragged into Armageddon. Whether it’s the recent political events, the exacerbating climate crisis, or ongoing pandemic, Mush captures the irony and sadness through witty wordplay that soar over the buoyant melody. “Seven Trumpets” feels like a sarcastic bite into our own little hell:

Speaking about the track, singer/songwriter Dan Hyndman shared: “‘Seven Trumpets’ started as a climate change jaunt, but with the plethora of Armageddon scenarios currently on display, it became more about sleepwalking into disaster in a generalised sense. It has a Beefhearty breakdown in the middle.”

The track is from their upcoming album Lines Redacted, which will be out on February 12th via Memphis Industries.