Ishani Mocks Our Culture Of Social Media Obsession In “Perfect Life”


Photo: PR courtesy

UK artist Ishani pokes fun of our highly filtered social media culture in her new single “Perfect Life,” an introspective trip-hop piece where she takes a sarcastic bite into our obsession with Instagram’s pseudo reality. As we spent this past year locked down, our screen time has skyrocketed, making us more exposed to distorted (aka airbrushed) realities that are presented in our feed. With “Perfect Life,” Ishani uses witty wordplay to poke fun of every toxic behavior that social media engenders:

In her words, the track is “a story about our collective social media experience and our relationships with our own phones. Whether we want to or not, we are constantly seeing other people’s lives, fantasizing about what their world is like, and wasting our own time constantly scrolling, not living, just imagining other people’s lives.”

“Perfect Life” is the final single from her new EP Unkind Vibrations.