Middle Kids Dissect Honesty In Intimacy With “Questions”

From their upcoming record ‘Today We’re The Greatest’

Photo: Daphne Nguyen

Sydney rockers Middle Kids return with a new dazzling single titled “Questions” where the trio dissect the fallacies and level of honesty that can be found in an intimate relationship. It’s an introspective melody that takes off with playful hand-clapping riffs before they send us a wave of percussion madness. The single comes with a one-shot directed by W.A.M Bleakley where you get to enter the surreal world of a classy venue. Hit play:

Speaking of the song, Middle Kids’ Joy explained: “I used to drink a lot and most of my previous relationships revolved around this. I don’t think I ever really knew them or they me as a result. “Questions” is about people being around each other but not being close. People who are in intimate relationships can stop asking questions of each other because they are uncomfortable and confusing.”

“Questions” is from their new album Today We’re The Greatest, which will be out on March 19th via Domino.