Personal Space Addresses The Trickiness Of Communication In “Overture”

Alternative rock

Photo: Courtesy of Good Eye Records

Brooklyn-based band Personal Space navigates through the emotional maze of communication in “Overture.” It’s a breezy, chest-swelling piece where the band takes us through the awkward pauses and deviations we experience when we’re talking to someone at the beginning of courtship. So if you’ve suffered through that long moment of silence, blurted out the wrong words, or worse – sent the wrong emoji, “Overture” is here for you. It will not improve your conversational skills, but help you to digest the weirdness of it:

The band describes “Overture” as a, “more personal song about a reservedly pursued courtship, where you’re not quite sure whether it’s the right thing to do, and where the right moment to express your true feelings keeps getting derailed by performative small talk.”

The track is from their upcoming sophomore LP A Lifetime of Leisure, which will be out on March 26th via Good Eye Records