Tessel Warn Us The Dangers Of Perfection In “Family Time”

Beach pop

Photo: Jantina Talsma

Utrecht quartet Tessel swirls us into their woozy, sun-kissed soundscape “Family Time” where they use waves of buoyant chords in pastel colors that make you feel like you’re chilling at the beach during summer. But as you start listening to the lyrics, you get sucked into the existential dilemma of perfection. “Family Time” tells the narrative of the danger side of perfection and how we tend to obsess over it, but without never attaining it. In the end, you’re left with a hollow void…anyways, all things considered, it’s the perfect beach picnic tune:

On the song, the band elaborated: “Even though the sound is light and cheerful, the themes of the lyrics carry the opposite message. The song tells a story of a person who has become entangled in the image of ‘the perfect life’. Just when everything seems to be right: a family, a beautiful car in the driveway, a dinner with the family, the person decides to flee, because ‘All I ever know, great moments will pass.’”

TESSEL are Levi Oostermeijer (lead vocals and guitar), Joshua Bredow (Guitar), Jens Wierckx (Drums and backing vocals) and Thijs van Zutphen (Bass and backing vocals). They have previously supported Ten Fé and Waltzburg, as well as staged music festivals. “Family Time” is out now via [PIAS] Recordings