Walk Down The LA Memory Lane With William The Conqueror’s “Quiet Life”

A very soothing indie song

Photo: Luke Kellet

Nostalgia is the first thing that comes up when you watch or listen to William The Conqueror’s latest single “Quiet Life.” The UK band pulls and weaves our heartstrings with their warm, slo-mo chords that lets us mindfully connect with our past. “With ‘Quiet Life,’ we wanted to step outside the sound of the trio and build some walls, add some layers for this one. It’s a trippy, fuzzy wander down someone else’s memory lane, so we went cinematic,” shared frontman Ruarri Joseph. Hit play:

“The video is a time capsule of a very strange morning back in March 2020,” he further added. “My friend and filmmaker Luke had just arrived in LA from Sydney to shoot some super 8 of us in the studio, but as soon as he arrived, the studio shut down and we all had to leave. We had a few hours before our new flights, so we headed to Venice Beach thinking it’d be a cool, buzzing place to get some shots and turn some film over. I guess having been in the studio bubble for the past week, we hadn’t had a reference for this ‘pandemic’ we kept hearing about. Wandering around an empty Venice Beach was a rough landing for sure. Consider the bubble well and truly burst. And full props to Luke for flying from Sydney to LA and back in the space of two days and not complaining once (at least not to us anyway).”

The track is from their upcoming album Maverick Thinker, which will be out on March 5th via Chrysalis Records.