Honeyboys Drops New 50s Flecked Pop-Rock Anthem “Davinci”


Photo: Management courtesy

Californian quartet Honeyboys push our nostalgia buttons with their latest single “Davinci,” a playful pop-rock anthem that has tints of 50s. Lyrically, the track revolves around a romance narrative that is built on sassy hooks of vintage 50s pop with trimmings of punk rock. With its bullet-like riffs and echoing choruses, “Davinci” feels like a series of mini dynamites that burst in harmony:

Speaking of the track, guitarist Reese Garner shared: “My original inspiration for ‘Davinci’ was the idea of modernizing 50s rockabilly music. While the final product may bear less resemblance to that genre, the original guitar loop that the song came out of had slapback delay and reverb to give it a vintage sound. When I began brainstorming lyrics for the chorus, I started writing about a simple but relatable love story where the protagonist is professing his commitment in the hook. While Ari and I collaborated on the verse and chorus lyrics, many parts were recorded by different members on a wide variety of instruments.”

The track is from their upcoming debut EP, which will be out on January 15th.