La Poré Nails Our Current Desire For Normalcy In New Single “All We Have Is Us”


Photo: Weslee Kate

LA artist La Poré, aka Nick Samson, returns with a new single “All We Have Is Us” where he muses on the desire to find security and peace amidst chaos. Co-produced by his friend Kyle Kanzigg (Captain Kidd), “All We Have Is Us” is weaved with lush textures where Samson’s vocals bloom over the swelling soundscape. There is an undeniable sense of longing and melancholia embedded within the fluorescent synths that makes “All We Have Is Us” a bittersweet yet hopeful anthem. Check it out:

In his own words, “There’s a lot to unpack with this song. It was written in February, right before Covid hit. I was newly married, just moved to Los Angeles a few months prior, and knew very few people. It was scary. It was tough. Of course, we had no idea a global pandemic would hit and make things even stranger in this strange new place. The song still resonates though, maybe even more so now. Feeling uncertainty, feeling discomfort, and sort of longing for a sense of normalcy and peace through big life changes.”

Be on the lookout for more music from La Poré this year.