Lydia Luce Finds Her Own Voice Amidst Uncertainty In “All The Time”

Check out the stop motion video

Image: Sigmund Washington

Nashville artist Lydia Luce takes us on a self-conversational journey in her latest single and video “All The Time.” Kickstarting with lush silence that builds into intense rush, “All The Time” takes you into the deepest corners of Lydia’s mind where she struggles in drowning the outside noise. The song comes with an animated video created by Sigmund Washington, which you can check out below:

Speaking of her latest release, Luce shared: “This song is a conversation with myself. I have learned so many things about myself in my late 20s and one of those is that I struggle to hear and trust my voice. The world is so noisy and I am constantly working on drowning that noise out. This song is me calling myself into light and love. It’s dark in the spaces of uncertainty where you’re fishing around trying to determine how you feel based off of what others feel. There is no peace there, only restlessness. If I do the hard work to calm my thoughts and external noise, I can ascertain what is true for me.”

Raised in a musical household, Luce is a classically trained artist who has a master’s in the viola from UCLA. Despite her educational background, Luce did into choose to follow the path of becoming a professional classical musician. Instead, she chose to craft her own sound and started getting recognition across the Nashville scene. “All The Time” is from her upcoming album Dark River, which will be out on February 26th.