Pushpin Spreads The Art Of Me-Love In “Folds”

A mantric alternative piece for self-care

Photo: Georgia Humphrey

Have you ever talked to anyone the way you talked to yourself? You’ll probably find your name next to #cancel trending on Twitter. That’s how bad most of us are when it comes to self-love management. South London band Pushpin invites all the pessimists and self-loathers out there to join their groovy sail of me-love in new single “Folds.” It’s a quirky tune peppered with psychedelic twists as the band admits being guilty of struggling with being compassionate towards oneself at times, but affirming that it’s a muscle you can build. If you’re too lazy to read self-help books like some of us are, play “Folds” so you can get the lyrics ingrained into your brain:

“Folds” was the first track the band got to write virtually as they practiced isolation and used a variety of kitchen gadgets (microwave, pots, pants, etc.) as samples. Turns out, your kitchen toys are the keys to the flow state. Anyways, Pushpin will be unveiling more of what they’ve been cooking during lockdown this year.