Burning Jacobs Ladder Breaks Down His Anxiety In “Seventh Fever Of The Mind”

Spaghetti West meets psych rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Burning Jacobs Ladder, aka Jake Johnson, infuses the retro and raw vibes of Spaghetti West genre into modern psych rock in his latest single “Seventh Fever of the Mind.” Layered with slickly arranged guitar strings, the track is a slightly minimalistic piece where Johnson’s low-pitched voice channels the complex emotions that we deal with when anxiety takes over. Yet the melody is a bouncy one that has a rather soothing effect – this is an artist who likes contrasts:

Speaking of the track, Johnson shared: “The lyrics describe what it’s like, at least for me, to have anxiety. Lyrically it is a very serious subject of mental health but that is turned on its head by the music which is one of the jauntiest songs I’ve ever written for this project. I love contrasts in art and this is no different.”

“Seventh Fever of the Mind” is from Johnson’s upcoming debut EP, which will be out on February 12th.