carolesdaughter’s “Violent” Is A Crossover Of Our Childhood & Gothic Teen Years

Our inner kid and teen are screaming

Still from carolesdaughter – Violent (Official Video)

Alternative artist carolesdaughter, aka Thea Taylor, takes our childhood fantasy of being surrounded by stuffed animals and combines it with our gloriously gothic teenage dreams in her video “Violent.” And while you may expect to hear either a haunting crescendo with harrowing choruses or lullaby, “Violent” is nothing like that. It’s alternative pop but has that mellow iGen swagger to it that is anchored by 808s and guitar strings. In discussing the inspiration behind her track, she shared: “I was in a toxic relationship when I wrote it. I was just fed up, and I released it. It was a real moment. I guess people recognize it.” Hit play:

Thea is the youngest of ten kids and grew up in a strict Mormon household in Oceanside, CA. From a young age, Thea and her siblings shared a penchant for music and spent their time singing and playing the piano. Unlike other kids, Thea had an unconventional childhood – she was homeschooled in middle school and went to five different high schools before deciding to drop out. She also struggled with drug addiction and went to rehab multiple times. But despite all the obstacles, Thea has used music as a creative outlet to express herself and connect with to others. She chose ‘carolesdaughter’ as her moniker in honor of her mother Carole.