The Straddlerz Debut Record ‘Self-Titled’ Is Rock Made Of Messy Glamour

Haute mess rock

Photo: PR courtesy

The Straddlerz are comprised of Linda and Michael who met by serendipity in New York when a mutual friend booked them for a gig. Their mutual love for fun rock’n’roll led to their creative partnership, leading to the inception of The Straddlerz. Currently based in Italy, the duo is currently getting ready to roll out their debut album Self-Titled, which will be out on January 29th. The duo definitely makes a jaw-dropping first impression with their opener “No Changes,” where Linda’s thundering vocals soar over the smashing percussion, yielding a melodic battlefield.

“Streets of Love” comes with a stunning video where the duo performs in what appears to be a dive bar-like setting, captures the dirty hypnotism of classic rock. “Addiction” starts off with a midtempo cadence that surprises you halfway as the electrifying riffs rush in – it’s like riding a rollercoaster where everything seems smooth at first before you’re thrown off upside down. But our personal favorite moment is “Circle of Insanity” where they tap into our own existential spiral. “I look at myself in the mirror / Is there what I want to see” chants Linda. Although it has a slow-burning start, it skyrockets around 50 seconds as they shuffle through the frustrations of living a life that doesn’t align with our true selves.

With a sinister air and gothic-like hues, “Open Your Eyes” captures the struggles we face when we are forced to face something we don’t want to, but have to do it. In “Don’t Go Away,” The Straddlerz take a jazzy/bluesy approach settling for smooth downtempo percussions as Linda channels a feeling a longing for someone. The follow up “I’m Alive” has that 90s punk rock edginess to it, giving you heavy Bikini Kill vibes. “Without You” is a breakneck piece where they capture the insanity we fall into without the presence of someone or even something.

The closing song “Junky Bastard” is a cinematic soundscape where Linda’s distorted vocals and chaotic synths yield a blood-rushing euphony. Self-Titled feels like a deliberate no-fuck-given record where the duo unleash their creative force to showcase their own sound and introduce the world to their own rock’n’roll swagger.