Zander Rhodes Indulges In Wanderlust In “Daydreaming”


Photo: PR courtesy

UK born, Brisbane-based artist Zander Rhodes speaks to our inner wanderlust spirits in his new single “Daydreaming.” It’s a chill folk piece brushed with the breezy coastal air of surf rock where the riffs float alongside Rhodes’ vocals that channel an undeniable sense of yearning for travel and novelty. In his own words, “It chronicles my journey exploring the East Coast of Australia with my partner, trapped between the inevitable daily grind of a 9-5 job and an insatiable desire to travel.” And with the pandemic on top of that, “Daydreaming” really hits a deep personal spot:

Rhodes broke into the scene with his debut EP in 2019 and has been releasing singles this past year. “Daydreaming” is the third single of Rhodes’ upcoming EP, which will be out soon.