Alex Amor Explores The Intricacies Of Human Relations In Debut EP ‘Love Language’


Photo: James O’Donohoe

Scottish artist Alex Amor has been making buzz across the press with her previous singles “Prove Me Right, “The Part With Each Other,” and more in recent months. Teaming up with Galswegian artist Karma Kid, Alex has been working on her debut EP to capture the various complexities found in different stages of relationship. Alex officially unveiled the EP Love Language last Friday and it’s a five-track course into a universal language that we’re all too familiar with, but can never fully master it. These are eccentric pop pieces where Alex pours out all her emotions and experiences to dissect some of the heftiest narrative through digestible hooks:

Speaking of her record, Alex commented:

Love Language, is a reference to Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages which expands on the 5 different ways humans show affection in a relationship. The title track is about a relationship that fails to align in that way. Opposites can sometimes attract but in this case, they repel. I am obsessed with paradox and juxtaposition – calm and chaos, dark and light, serious and playful. This EP shows both sides of the coin for me too: my cynicism for love and also succumbing to it despite being cautious to begin with. It also reflects a recent time of my life where I am a woman struggling for autonomy. I’m moving into adulthood and I’m desperately trying to make sense of its complexities. Though there’s no happy resolve at the end of the EP, I feel more self-assured than ever, more me than I’ve ever been. Naturally evolving, my ethos remains the same: to stay true to my intuition and try my best every day.”

Alex Amor will be playing at The Great Escape Festival 2021.