Kindsight Practice Their License To Express Feelings In “How I Feel”

Very laidback

Photo: Courtesy of Rama Lama Records

Danish indie quartet Kindsight takes a mellow and candid approach in expressing their feelings in their new track “How I Feel.” A blend between indie pop and folk, “How I Feel” has a dreamy appeal to it with retro glow. The track stems from Kindsight’s vocalist Nina’s desire to express her emotions – but as it turns out, they’re far more complicated to frame them in concrete terms. Check it out:

Speaking of the song, the band shared: “Nina was once gripped by an overwhelming need to tell the world how she felt. Everyone agreed that it seemed like a fair deal, as she is the lead-singer. A longing ballad with a hazy view was built to heed her demand. But as it turns out, Nina hasn’t got a clue how she feels.”

“How I Feel” is out now via Rama Lama Records.