lotusbliss Tap Into Dooming Power Of Self-Perception In “The Horror”

Ambient rock

Photo: Courtesy of the band

UK trio lotusbliss dive into the dooming and distorting power of self-perception in “The Horror.” Soaked with billowing synths and swelling ambience, “The Horror” is an exquisite track that has the intensity of rock but manages to deliver a hypnotic buoyancy that keeps your endorphins floating. Lyrically, the trio illustrates a dark state we fall into when our own toxic self-perception imprison us. “You see a man but I see a monster,” chant lotusbliss. The video, which was also written, directed and produced by the band, showcases the trio performing surrounded by mirrors and features a mysteriously masked protagonist who goes in search of a mirror:

Comprised of siblings Seth, Josh, and Adam, lotusbliss is a trio hailing from Kent who have been making buzz across the scene with their music. They released their debut single “Beautiful Monotone” back in November 2019 and shared their debut EP A Good Death is a Beautiful Thing last February 2020. Since then, they’ve garnered critical acclaim across the press and have been building a solid fanbase. “The Horror” is the first single from their upcoming sophomore EP, which they’ll be sharing more details soon.