Nonviolenze Looks Into The Dark Side Of Humanity In “Mirror”

Guitar pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Originally from India but now based in Houston, Shri Baratan is the multi-talented artist behind Nonviolenze, which is part of Ahimsa Creations. Shri kicked off the Nonviolenze project back in 2013 and has been using it as a creative outlet to tap into various complex themes related with human nature. His latest video “Mirror” is the perfect gateway to Nonviolenze’s world to those who aren’t familiar. Anchored mostly by acoustic guitar strings, “Mirror” is a minimalistic anthem where Shri uses his vocal prowess to tap into some of the most toxic sides of human condition. “Release the refuges of / Anger, Hatred, jealousy, lust and greed” chants Shri. With his fingerpicked guitar strings, Shri constructs an atmosphere that sounds sinister and hopeful at the same time. “Mirror” is a dark introspection, but also one that conveys optimism where the poetic lyrics offer an empowering message of disabusing from the negative emotions and desires that haunt us. The song comes with a video featuring Shri performing in front of a stunning “Mirror” painting by Aish Baratan. Hit play:

“Mirror” is from Nonviolenze’s upcoming debut album Ghosts of War, which was released on October 16th, 2020. Check it out:

Shri’s knack for music started in his early teens during which he grew up listening to various genres. He spent his early years as the lead vocalist of the band Down Sterling and has been honing his personal sound for years. Shri eventually moved to the US for academic purposes and now works as corporate executive in Houston when he’s not making music.