Cariss Auburn Embraces The Bestest Version Of Herself In “Float”


Photo: Precious Brooks

Hailing from Wolverhampton, Cariss Auburn celebrates being the best version of herself in her new single “Float.” With trimmings of R&B, “Float” is a mesmeric alternative pop tune with hues of dark synths where Cariss’ crispy vocals buoy you while also sending an empowering message. In her own words, “by the end of the song I’m saying that it might be hard as hell, these are things I’m dealing with right now, but it’s ok to take time for yourself.” Amen to that and hit play:

Elaborating more on the song, Cariss noted that the lyrical imageries were inspired by her love for visual art. “Japanese art collective Mé’s ‘Contact’,” she added. “You go into a white room and you’re suddenly confronted by what appears to be this mass of dark, opaque water. It feels like you could drown at any moment but it’s actually solid. You’re factually in a position of complete control but still feel a sense of foreboding because of the power in that slice of ocean.”

Cariss started her music career when she was eight by forming a girl band. She eventually went on to produce her own songs and is now ready to conquer the world. Expect to hear more from the gal this year.