Home Counties’ “Modern Yuppies” Is A No-Budget Film & It’s Priceless

Frugal DIY

Photo: Naz Stone

UK band Home Counties teach us the art of DIY-ing like pros with their new video “Modern Yuppies.” It’s a no-budget film that has the priceless (literally) aesthetics of home-made visuals that capture the band’s playful chemistry and their inner Patrick Bateman. In regards to the lyrical theme, singer & guitarist Will Harrison puts it as “a comparison between the young urban professionals of the 1980s to those of today. It discusses the differences, the way that arrogance and conservatism have made way for self-doubt and socially ‘liberal’ political positions. Ultimately however, they are both plagued by the same condition – of constantly needing more.” Check it out:

On the video, Will added: “A zero-budget video feels very fitting for ‘Modern Yuppies’. The song was written and recorded in the November lockdown when we found ourselves unable to go back to the studio. Stuck inside, we spent the month sending the stems back and forth. The plan was to emerge from lockdown and head straight to London for a photo and videoshoot in December but things did not go to plan and we soon found ourselves trapped again. We actually put this video together last Monday (11th Jan), the day before the single release. I think you can see the isolation taking its toll on us. I spent my hour of daily exercise playing synth to some local sheep.”

“Modern Yuppies” is the follow up of their debut EP Redevelopment, which was released back in September 2020.