Favourite Daughter’s “Long Distance” Is For Your Post-Breakup Run

Time to get runner’s high

Photo: Henri Joseph Rabalais

Montreal-based artist Favourite Daughter (aka Julia Kennific) channels her post-breakup frustrations in a healthy and productive way with her latest single and video “Long Distance.” Weaved with upbeat guitar strings, “Long Distance” captures both the restlessness and euphoric rush we feel when we’re self-torturing ourselves by running…or in the process of getting over someone. The video features Favourite Daughter running in a suit as she manages to put on her Joker face. Now, that’s multitasking 2.0:

On the song, Favourite Daughter commented:

“I wrote ‘Long Distance on an unplugged, rented electric guitar during a blackout on a night off from an opera gig I was doing in Halifax in the summer of 2019, in tears after a frustrating phone call with my then-girlfriend. We were spending a four month stretch away from each other while I travelled for work. Neither of us were communicating well, and our daily check ins became monotonous. Both of us kept up the charade that we were good, while allowing fear and resentment to build up, which ended up costing us the relationship entirely.

‘Long Distance’ is the song to blast on repeat in your headphones while on a long, angry run post-breakup, to sing along to with your best friend on an aimless night drive, or belt loudly and off-key while taking a shower.”