Honey Lung’s “Oh So Real” Is Highly Visceral & Stage-Ready


Photo: PR courtesy

London rockers Honey Lung return with a cathartic and visceral anthem titled “Oh So Real,” the follow up of their latest EP Post Modern Motorcade Music. It’s a divine series of explosive riffs that the band doesn’t cease to whip and whisk with their heavy basslines and feisty guitars. In lead singer Jamie’s own words, “it’s a song people seem to really resonate with when we play it live.” Yes indeed, this is the type of song that would spread mad crowd disease at any venue across the world. Smash play:

Speaking of their latest release, Jamie further added: “Our release of Post Modern Motorcade Music in early 2020 felt meaningful and exciting during the tough year, but it was painful for us that we were not able to tour the release properly. A highlight of the year for us was returning to our home from home at RYP studios to mix some tracks from the recent EP including a veritable Honey Lung classic, and record two soon to be released tracks, including ‘‘Oh So Real’. We can’t even begin to explain how cathartic it was to get together in that space and play these tracks with full gusto together. It was a place we’ve spent countless hours over the years, working with people we loved and respected, and we were able to fully release the pent up energy we’ve all been bottling. ‘Oh So Real’ is a song that feels uniquely Honey Lung-esque and yet it’s not like anything we’ve released so far.”

Honey Lung will be streaming a live show from RYP Studios on Friday, January 29th at 7pm BST via their YouTube channel.