Glass Peaks’ “By My Side” Is For Everyone Seeking Some Level Of Normality


Photo: PR courtesy

London-based Glass Peaks brings back the 80s sparks in their new indietronic single “By My Side.” With the hybridized swagger of Depeche Mode and Stranger Things, “By My Side” is drenched with lush echoes that have dark upbeat tones to it. The billowing synths build an ethereal ambience that captures the universal longing we’ve been feeling for some sense of normality during this past year. Check it out:

Speaking of the release, vocalist Alfie Jefferies stated:

“I suppose in its simplest form, the song is about longing or yearning for a feeling of normality. It’s about wishing things could go back to the way they once were. It can be interpreted or wrapped up in many different ways, but when I wrote the lyrics, I was just thinking about how much 2020 has changed things that I once took for granted. Playing live shows, meeting up with friends and family, attending social events etc… It just made me realise how much I desperately want to feel the thrill of those things again. The track also touches upon the frustrations in how the whole pandemic was dealt with by our ‘leaders’. I’m so sick of the mixed messaging and the fear mongering surrounding it. Everyone has a part to play to get things right; but it’s all just shrouded in noise and conspiracy nonsense. We’re going to look back on this year and want to wipe it from our memories, in most cases; however, I do think that we have a lot to learn from everything that’s happened, and that is something we can take away as a positive.”

Glass Peaks will be headlining Peckham Audio on June 5th of this year.