NOPRISM Nestle Us In The Cusp Between Hope & Bliss In “Pantherbeat”

Electronica meets new wave

Photo: PR courtesy

Andrew Young and Mark Nelson are the masterminds behind the Newcastle duo NOPRISM who have been crafting eccentric indietronica to keep our ears fresh. Their latest single “Pantherbeat” is sprayed with the retro colors of 80s new wave that has a punchy flow to it. The track taps into that brief moment where hope and bliss meet before something big is about to happen. And the video, featuring footage from Russian videographer Cottonbro, encapsulates that feeling as it features a boxer who is training for a fight. Check it out:

Talking of their new single, Andrew commented: “‘Pantherbeat’ is actually the first song written by the band when we first began writing last year, and now feels like the right time to release it. It’s main lyric ‘You’ve gotta have faith’ sounds pretty apt right now, even though it wasn’t an intentional statement. It’s about the onset of a headrush… when the next high is about to kick in, or when the needle is about to drop on a big record. That brief moment of expectation and euphoria.”

Speaking of the video, Andrew also added: “We’ve used his footage for each release so far as it has a strange otherworldly feel to it, and we take multiple clips to piece together some kind of loose story which is told alongside the song. The videos have very much become part of the aesthetic of each release.”