Soul Mavericks Thee Sacred Souls Pay Homage To Love In “It’s Our Love”

This is the most wine-friendly song we’ve encountered this week

Photo: Gus Olivares

San Diego-based trio Thee Sacred Souls capture the romantic euphoria between two people in their new soulful banger “It’s Our Love.” It’s a sweet and minimalistic downtempo where the seamless high-pitch paired with the lush, risqué melody build the perfect ambience to indulge with wine…but if you’re doing Dry January, then it goes well with mint tea. The track comes with a video directed by David Lampley that captures the trio in their natural habitat – it’s like watching a Discovery Channel documentary on the weird human subspecies we call musicians:

“We wanted to capture candid moments of our time at the Penrose studio and hangin’ with our crew around SD for the video. We reached out to our friend David Lampley, who specializes in Super 8 analog film. His experimental shooting style along with the visual quality of Super 8 film fit the laidback and dreamy mood we envisioned.”

Be on the lookout for their upcoming debut album, which they’ll be sharing more details soon.