CLOVES Faces Her Anxiety Superego In “Sicko”

Alternative pop

Photo: Furmaan Ahmed0

London via Melbourne artist CLOVES confronts her social anxiety face-to-face in her latest single “Sicko.” A dark alternative pop, “Sicko” has a raw edginess to it where CLOVES smoky vocals yield a lush atmosphere that draws you in seamlessly. “In the corner on the outside looking in, I see a sicko staring at me on the wrong side,” chants CLOVES. Check it out:

“‘Sicko’ is my best way of painting the tunnel vision, panic scramble of social anxiety,” CLOVES explained. “It’s like a living, breathing second personality in your brain. One which makes you question everything you do and say in social situations, worried that others don’t like you for it. It’s exhausting, not only keeping you from enjoying the present but also fucks with your relationships”

The track is from the gal’s upcoming sophomore album, which she’ll be sharing more details soon.