Lhasa Petik Captures Ex-Related Uncertainty In “think i lost u”

Lo-fi x hip-hop

Photo: PR courtesy

Winnipeg-based artist Lhasa Petik joins forces with producer Max Fry in her latest single “think i lost u” where she taps into the uncertainty you fall into when you encounter an ex and end up not acknowledging his/her existence – but talking to them. With its chill, lo-fi air, the track soars in a slow-burning motion yet the playful choruses of Lhasa add a subtle touch of sass to it. Filled with regret and guilty pleasure, “think i lost u” is a track that feels a bit too familiar:

Speaking of the track, Lhasa expaliend that it “is a track about indecisiveness, which is reflected not only in the lyrics, but in the instrumental as well. It’s a track about being in that weird place with an ex where you’re talking again, but you both know it’s a bad idea to get back together. You want to move on, but can’t quite break the cycle that you’ve both started.”

She further added, “The track was inspired by a party that I went to where I vowed I wouldn’t end up with an ex. After a couple drinks that whole idea went down the drain along with my grip on reality, and I ended up talking to him the whole night. I said things I probably shouldn’t have, which left us both pretty confused on where our relationship stood. I realized the next morning that I made a mistake, and knew that I was playing with both of our emotions. I think it’s hard not to though. After you’ve been with someone, it’s so easy to jump back into that routine because it’s comfortable, or you’re just bored. This track is about being restless and empty, and struggling to find someone new to fill the void.”