Take A Lush Melodic Break With Ruti’s “My Sunrise”

Me-time is always worth it

Photo: PR courtesy

UK artist Ruti meditates on our relationship with time in her latest single “My Sunrise.” Glossed with ethereal layers of synths and laidback smokiness, “My Sunrise” is a posh introspective piece where Ruti’s silky vocals remind us to carve time for ourselves within our schedules. So whether you’re busy with living at work (coz let’s face it…it’s not really working from home) or have too much free time, “My Sunrise” invites us to take a moment and mindfully invest our time in us:

Speaking on the track, Ruti explained: “‘Sunrise’ isn’t really about or for anyone in particular. In some ways I wrote it for myself. It’s a reminder that often there’s a lot more time to do things than I think I have and have to allow ourselves to stop or slow down sometimes. Obviously, I wrote in a Covid free time so I was imagining taking a break somewhere else for a while, but I still have to give myself space to breathe working from home, because it gets so overwhelming.”

The track is from Ruti’s upcoming EP, which will be out in February.