Your Paris Address Guilty Happiness In “First”


Photo: Artist courtesy

Toronto duo Your Paris tackle a rare form of happiness in their new single “First,” an intimate and lo-fi pop piece that is layered with slow-burning croons. “First” taps into the duality of happiness and guilt that can coexist when you think your bliss is at the expense of someone else’s heartache. There is a sense buoyant melancholia throughout the piece as Your Paris try to deal with the emotional duality of it:

Speaking of the song, the duo shared:

“‘First,’ our new song, is about feeling guilty for your own happiness. You feel on top of the world in your relationship, but it’s at the expense of someone else who was left behind and is entirely heartbroken.

Relationships, love, and even ‘happiness’ itself are not always clear cut. They’re complicated, and can be somewhat polarizing, but in a way that’s what it’s all about. You wouldn’t appreciate the highs if you didn’t have the lows. ‘First’ captures the duality of simultaneous love and heartbreak.”